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The internet is full of scammers and schemers.  Most all of the known fraud types in the world also exist in digital form.  This includes pyramids schemes of all different varieties, credit card fraud, and all number of tricks to try and get you the unsuspecting internet users to give up personal information like PIN numbers and bank accounts.  Web Scam Watch is here to try and warn you about all the latest internet scams and web fraud out there.  We provide you with a blog page that is updated daily with information and warnings on web scams and latest related topics and data.  This will include virus and anti-spam software and techniques, new web scams and schemes and what to watch for and how to protect yourself from internet fraud.

Web Scams PreventionMost people are aware of pyramid scams and the Nigerian e-mail money-transfer scam makes the news on what seems like a regular basis.  There is a lot of information about those web scams on the internet, and you will find some on our blog as well.  So, we want to talk to you about some more rare specific internet frauds that you may not be aware of.  Many naive people wanting to become writers often fall victim to writing and poetry contest web scams.  In this instance, the aspiring literary artists is asked to pay fees in order to secure their place in a contest or published manuscript.  To further the scam, sometimes the writer is told that they have won, but must fly out to receive it and be part of a ceremony.  They require you to pay for a “travel package up-front”.  The scammers rake in the dough with this scheme.

Haiti, Gulf Oil Spill & Hurricans | Opportunity Frauds

Unfortunately the most common frauds these last few months have been related to people who profit off of natural disasters and tragedies.  They do this via phone and print and it has also become a web scam.  The core of the scheme here is simple.  The fraud perpetrators institute a phone charity or “help fund” of some sort in which they advertise that they are accepting donations to provide relief effort for victims or fund clean-up in the case of the gulf oil spill.  People thinking with their hearts instead of their heads rush to provide aid as quickly as they can, often not checking out the charity or organization first.  In their haste they have made a huge mistake.  The money is collected and it never goes anywhere but directly into a scammers pocket.  In addition, if a victim has sent their donation via this web scam, the scammer now has their credit card or banking information.  Think first, check out the charity first.  Verify their physical existence and who backs them.  Don’t get caught up in these scams, use your head.

Maybe, stopping by Web Scam Watch has clued you into a scheme that you weren’t aware of, or almost became victim of yourself.  That’s what Web Scam Watch is here for.  So, like we said, visit us often for all the latest warnings and info on internet scams and web fraud.  Let us know if we have been able to help you in some way, or if you hear of a web scam or other internet-based fraud that we haven’t covered here, be sure to let us know.  Happy surfing and stay safe out there!  Knowledge is power.

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